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In Their Words

Thoughts from the Associated Radiologists Team
We are proud of the quality and scope of services that AR provides to physicians in the region. We will continue to expand our capabilities, knowledge, and technology in the future to remain at the leading edge of radiological diagnosis.
P.M., M.D., Associated RadiologistsPhysician
Obstetricians require various types of X-rays and sonograms as part of thorough prenatal care. The OB/GYNs are particularly pleased with the convenience, comfort, and capabilities offered by Associated Radiologists’ Diagnostic Imaging Services and Women’s Imaging Center at Robinwood Medical Center. They find our hospital procedures for admitted patients extremely reliable.

K.H., M.D., Associated RadiologistsPhysician
Every member of the Associated Radiologists team understands the accuracy, speed and quality priorities of referring physicians. Moreover, we treat their patients with extreme care and kindness, a result of our professional philosophy. Our services are a reflection on the entire medical community.
M.R., M.D., Associated RadiologistsPhysician
Associated Radiologists has investments in world-class staff and equipment. Our expertise and technology compare favorably with any private or hospital-based radiological practice in the country.
K.L., Associated RadiologistsChief Operating Officer
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